Saturday, July 18, 2009


Will be leaving for Domodedovo Airport, Moscow in 4 hours' time, with a heavy heart. This will be my final time blogging from Moscow. This is a place I've lived for almost all my life, 7 years is indeed a long time. This is a place that brought me many great memories and not to be forgotten disappointments too. Despite the fact of what my 2nd sister wrote about Russia in her blog, I've got really used to the life here, the people, my friends, the care free life, the freedom, almost everything here. I will not say it is the best place to be in for I hated to be here previously but now that it is time to go home, I feel heavy hearted leaving this place for good.

So this is the end of another chapter of my life. It is the transient from a carefree life to a stressful working life with much responsibilities. Sigh.. Goodbye Moscow, Goodbye Russian Federation.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random rants and thoughts.....

It's a misty afternoon with occasional drizzles. Such gloomy day very much affects my mood. Well, I have gotten rather emo lately for some unknown reasons. Partly, seeing my friends leaving Moscow for home and the thought of not seeing them anymore adds up to my emo-ness...

I had a few quiet hours of solitude by abstaining myself from my laptop. I can't help it but it is really a big distraction. The more I get access to the internet, the more I am suffering from the silly things that I keep doing from time to time. Hence, I decided to love myself more and be ruthless to the silly desire and act! Final paper is due this weekend and I really gotta brush aside these unfruitful thoughts and get my senses back for I know this will bring me no where but devastating sorrow and despair!! Anyway, a quote from Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button's movie. "When you can't do anything, you just need to let go!"

Here is something to share, came across somewhere some time ago. If you have a strong belief in yourself, in what you are doing, and what you want to do; no adversity is too difficult to overcome. All right, I am logging off..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dearest residents of 12-14

Yunnmin and I
Rueyying, Me, Chiamei
Chiamei and I
YM and I
RY and I
Finally, all of us! :)

Have a safe and wonderful journey back home! I am so going to miss ALL of YOU! I could still remember 3 years ago when you all just stepped foot into 12-14, 3 attractive girls; 1 bubbly, 1 cutie and another one with reddish hotdog lips! LOL. Talking about which, occasionally we both still have that issue! It was just like yesterday when the bubbly rosy one came into my room to borrow my laptop for internet access, yah, she was up to something back then :P As time passed by, I would not say we get to know each other more but I would put it this way, we live together quite well, knowing each other’s needs and tolerate well, right? Thanks for putting up with me when I was inconsiderate or whatsoever, those were the times when my hormone went raging uncontrollably. Sorry and thank you.

My dearest big sister, thanks for enlightening me about our big brother up there, teaching me the 8 habits, sharing with me what you know, I promise, I will remember what you have taught me thus far. Not forgetting being my choir conductor despite my terrible loud croaking voice, you did not give up on me! Haha.. During the times when I was sick, I was really touched by the food you prepared for the sick and dropping by the pharmacy downstairs to get me some lozenges or whatever drug I cannot recall... I’d like to thank you too for not turning away when I was down and complained whiningly to you. You were patient and lent me a listening pair of ears. Oh guess what? As I am typing this, I just received an SMS from you. OKAY, I have defrost your yellow plate chicken LOL Lastly, RED JACKET!!!! ngek ngek ngek...Well, I sincerely hope and pray that you will continue to wear your "RED JACKET" and the meaning behind it, only the 3 of us understand this :P

To the reddish hotdog lips, the prettiest in this home, though she claims that it is her house that is pretty... HAHA... Thanks for the many times helping me deal with the unknown flying insects in my room, even at the wee hours of the day, you caught them and let them go through the window with much courage. BRAVO! Your laughter definitely adds spices to an otherwise boring 12-14! I am so going to miss them. Oh yah, I am sipping your orange green tea while typing this! Smell and taste nice, thank you!

To the cutie one, although these 1 and a half years, you have been busy with your life and your life partner, I will miss your presence too! The times when we shared TVB series...Thanks for sharing your collection of earrings! Not forgetting your favorite chrysanthemum jelly, yummy! I was touched when you gave me your one and only bottle left of facial moisturizer, the one that you brought miles and miles all the way from Malaysia! Thank you!

I am so going to miss the times when we all sit together and talk and talk and talk for hours about anything and everything under the sun. So much so that the bubbly one even has déjà vu of hugging the big teddy bear with us talking about NIU DOU MA MIAN (cow head horse face!) WahAHahhahhahha... Ahhhh… all these times will definitely remain vividly in my memory. I acknowledge the every single little thing that all of you have done for me. I wish I could do more for all of you too! Thank you for everything, keep in touch, all the best and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY IN YOUR STUDIES AND YOUR LIFE! *hugs*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tsaritsino Park

Meisian suggested this place, so off we went today. Well, the reason is to find out if it is worth bringing our parents when they come over but actually it is just an excuse to go out to have fun! LOL. There are history and architecture museum, nice landscape park with an adjacent forest, an art museum, the Biryulyovo dendropark and a cascade of the Tsaritsino ponds where lotsa ducks and 1 white big swan live :) We picnicked by the lake, not just once but TWICE within the few hours there! haha! We visited the "Main palace museum" and were awed by it. It is undoubtedly worth going in, what more when it is FOC for students! ka ka ka!

In my point of view, this place beats VDNX and it is not that far after all. However, be prepared to spend a half day there and come back with leg pain and muscle ache! That is the price to pay. LOL.
Picnic! I made egg+crabstick sandwiches, Nic made tuna sandwiches, Lonny made sardine roll, very yummy! We finished them in no time! Lingtze and Meisian baked marble cake, Boonchin bought some junk food and David brought us juicy fresh fruits! :) Oh yah, forgot to mention we were entertained by some easy listening music from the outdoor speakers of the park. Great picnic ambience, indeed!
Fountains at the entrance of the park and a bridge
P-R-E-T-T-Y! I mean the ducks...
7 of us
Nic, LT, Me, Vid, MS, Lonny, BC
Bed of flowersssssss :)

Another bridge..There are many bridges there
The main palace in Tsarisino
Round 2 of picnic
"Dum, dum, dum" wahahahhahahha

Kazanov and Bazhenov, the architects of this place
Look behind! There are many russians in bikini immersing their bodies to the sunlight! Sexy sexy... hehe

A small island in the midst of the lake
Newly planted flowers welcoming us at the entrance of the park
The weather was really hot, so bought some icecream to quench our thirst!

Friday, June 05, 2009

5th June 2009

Had multidisciplinary MCQ exam today in the uni...It has been a long, long time since I last went to the uni..Sounds funny but yah, our teachings are in the hospital so that explains? Since this would be one of the very last time in the uni, we grab the chance to snap lotsa photosssssss!! Well, our campus is quite large I would say, there is a main building and a few other blocks but most of our photos today were taken in the walkway of the main building..

After the photo taking, our stomachs were rumbling so we stopped by at "More sushi" to have business lunch! It is located about 300 meters from our hostel and it is one of the most visited place by us.. Firstly, it is near, secondly, it is quite affordable :) There are 4 sets of business lunch served..The sushi set, Tempura set, Noodles set and Toridon set. Price wise, ranging from 210 rubles to 265 rubles.

Next, we headed to the park opposite our hostel for shooting the ending our short film. All that we needed to do was to runnnnnnnnn for our livessssss! We were chased by skin head, Aznol.. Haha.. It was really funny! Our director Zharif shouted run "lintang-pukang" and we all ran aimlessly.. Our old man, David tripped and fell to the ground helplessly. Seeing Lingtze right in front of him, he pulled hard on Lingtze's legs while this heartless lady tried to free herself thus kicked the old man who hindered her from running! I was there running while laughing at the spontaneous scenario they both put up! Great acting skill!! I just can't wait to see the end product!!!!

Lingtze suggested boating in the lake but was turned down so Meisian, Lingtze and I went to buy tickets to circus for our parents instead. However, it was a disappointment because tickets for July will only be out next week.. :( Today was indeed a tiring but joyful day! :)
With some sculpture at the entrance of the uni

After the exam, outside auditorium 4

L to R: Meisian, Lonny, Lisa, Me, Lingtze, Adele, Farid, Aznol the skinhead lol
Backdoor of auditorium, David and I
Main walkway?
Magnificent mural
Glass window overlooking a few blocks of apartments and uni's car park
Yonglin and I
L to R: David, Nicholas, Bibiana, Me, Lingtze, Meisian, Yanhan and Boonchin
"Otlichniki" Tang Rayyank and his picture nailed to the wall. Well done! :)

Jump ar...After basketball practice
At the main entrance of the uni..
Kungfu kick
Another one...
Okay, a proper one..Me, Lingtze, Yan han and Bibiana
At "More sushi"
Another one..Me, Nadia, Chedin, Rayyank and Yonglin
Food... Sushi, noodles, Miso soup, Green tea

In the park, by the lake
Green, green grass...nice weather too!

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